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Do you love Roulette like the JackpotKing does? If you do, then you need to try your luck at the King's own Regal Roulette!

The King's favorite dice game brings him hours of excitement! Now you can join the fun too. Hit the point, and rake in the Bambles. Roll them bones, it's the King's Craps of Yore!

The JackpotKing LOVES his football so we made him his very own World Cup Slots game. Now he wants to share it with all his friends (that's YOU!) Enjoy!

Collect more credits with our NEW Big Strike Slots! Big Strike lets you spin your way to bigger and better prizes. You can even spread the news of your big winnings with our easy to use chat service.

Our Royal Reels Slot Machine couldn't be easier to play! Just pull the handle and watch your credits grow! Don't forget to chat with others in the JackpotKing Kingdom!

Our standard Blackjack table is the commoner's game of choice! With a $5 minimum and a $100 maximum, it's the perfect game to build up your Bambles and have a great time!

If you have LOADS of Bambles and want LOADS more, then this is the game for you! This table has a $500 minimum and a $10,000 maximum! You'll either walk away a king yourself, or a beggar! GOOD LUCK!

Know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em! The King's Jacks or Better Video Poker is just like the real thing, with an added 'double' bonus! You could win a lot, or lose it all!!!